Has the “Deep State” Infiltrated The Supreme Court?

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Recent rulings that have surprisingly gone against President Donald J. Trump, has prompted many to wonder if the “Deep State” has infiltrated the Supreme Court.

On a recent broadcast, Fox News host Lou Dobbs, railed against the Supreme Court suggesting the justices are now part of the amorphous “deep state” conspiracy and claiming they executed a coordinated effort with “radical” Democrats to undercut President Trump.

That latest example?

Last week, in a 7-2 ruling, the Supreme Court upheld a New York prosecutor’s criminal subpoena for Trump’s tax returns. Which prompted Dobbs to go on a rant during an interview with conservative reporter John Solomon. “Let’s talk about the bureaucracy. The deep state extends, obviously, to the Supreme Court,” Dobbs said to Solomon.

The Court has long-been a target of Dobbs’ ire. Last month the Fox host launched an attack on John Roberts, whom he claimed “has lost his mind” after the chief justice ruled against ending DACA — an Obama-era program which protects some undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children from deportation — and for safeguarding workplace protections for LGBT people.

During his interview with Solomon, Dobbs ramped up his attack on the Court — suggesting that the SCOTUS was kidding no one in its decision to allow “left-winger” District Attorney of Manhattan Cyrus Vance the room to obtain tax records, while simultaneously ruling that Congress does not have that power. Dobbs then accused the Manhattan DA of coordinating his efforts to take down the President with the “radical Dems on Capitol Hill.”

Whether Dobbs is right or wrong about the Court being “infiltrated by the Deep State,” his diatribe certainly caught the eye of President Trump. Just a few hours after the Solomon interview, Trump praised Dobbs in a tweet about his upcoming book entitled, “The Trump Century.”

Trump tweeted, The great @LouDobbs has a very important new book coming out shortly. “The Trump Century, How Our President Changed the Course Of History Forever”, looks like it will be a big bestseller. Make it Number 1 for Lou. Pre-Order now at http://THETRUMPCENTURY.COM.  A great honor, Lou!

By Mike Strong


What do you think? Is there really a “Deep State” dedicated to taking down President Trump? And could they now have their hooks in the Supreme Court? Reply in the comments below.



  • Tax returns are not mandatory but volumtary. Being born in the USA IS MANDATORY for everyone except Obama (who was BORN IN KENYA) and had US citizenship through his mother who gave up his US citizenship when she got their Indonesian citizenships. SO NOT EVEN A US CITIZEN OF ANY KIND. This was thanks to NANCY who modified his papers to run for President not once BUT TWICE

    Norma on

  • Certainly looks like it!!

    Norma on

  • It really is no ones business what they where before being elected I’m more concerned after and during all congress and president and vpresidents made Trump gave his all away during his time in office

    John Barnett on

  • if tax returns are demanded of president Trump why not Bidens???

    SAl on

  • They should have their tax records looked at

    Roger D Stoltz on

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